Upchurch & Jowers

We were proud to work with Upchurch & Jowers to update and protect their website. We refreshed the design to be more mobile friendly, updated the way their articles were indexed, and made sure the site would work well on mobile devices since most web visits now are mobile based. 

We included SEO friendly text and built the new site on a platform that is user friendly, which allows the Upchurch & Jowers team to manke their own updates if they choose. They moved their hosting to TFA3000 as well in order to enjoy a more secure experience. TFA3000 handles their weekly backups and offsite storage in addition to making sure their TFA3000 hosted emails are safe, stable, and protected for all of their agents. 

We also added a spam protected contact form to the front page so that potential customers could easily communicate their needs to the Upchurch & Jowers team. This is in addition to easily located phone numbers, business hours, & directions. 

We are so proud to be a part of the Upchurch & Jowers story!