5 Reasons To Post Your Blog Now!
TFA3000 - 5 Reasons To Write Your Blog

Hi! Here at TFA3000 we love a great blog - we love great writing, period. But we know so many of our clients just can't quite work up the enthusiasm for writing blogs about what they do. We get it - it can be a little intimidating to write as though you are a subject matter expert! But you are - that's the whole reason you are in business!

So - why would people want to read about your business though? Honestly - the internet is FULL of content. And people are looking for it - to answer questions, to decompress after a hard day, to pass time in a waiting room - they're looking for subjects that interest them and believe it or not, there's a niche interested in YOU. So let's get started looking at the TOP 5 Reasons You Should Write Your Blog NOW!

1. Content is KING - If you have a one page website - and that's a GREAT start by the way! - adding content to your site regularly is a great way to expand your site easily. Every blog post is a new page. Every new page is a new reason for Google to index your site and see that you are on top of things and deserve to be in those top rankings! So post about what you want people to find when looking for your business. Post often!

2. People trust what they know - if you are posting often and cross posting those blogs to your social media, you are building relationships in your community and with people who will like your stuff and follow you. It's not an overnight process, but there is a snowball effect. Joe next door loves your content so everyone on his feed will see that when he likes it or comments on it, and that's the best and most organic way to get your name out there.

3. Social media posts are fun, but they aren't establishing you as a Subject Matter Expert. Yes, you can post "This or That" and get likes, but it's not lasting and it's not helping you with Google rankings - which is where you NEED to be building up. Why? Because when people search for your services, they're searching GOOGLE, not your This or That history. You need that content on your website to bring in people who have questions that YOU can answer. Like - why do I need to change my oil in the Fall if I live in New York? Or what are some great graduation gift ideas? If a question can be asked about your business, you should have a blog that answers it!

4. Google Rankings - Ok, we keep hinting around to this, but it's worth saying it straight out - Google is going to rank websites based on their CONTENT - so you need to be forever building CONTENT - and that's BLOGS. Yes, you can build followers on social media, you can build a great email listing, but it's those blogs on your website that are going to get you to the top of Google. So don't ignore them! Your blogs should be talking about what you do, answering questions about what you do, and setting you up as the person who has the knowledge and experience to help others. Every paragraph of a blog is a chance to hit those keywords and key phrases that you're going after. So definitely think about what you're posting and craft it as though you're having conversations with buyers. Because - YOU ARE!

5. Last but definitely not least - you should be posting blog content on the regular because it's a way for you to craft your business - for yourself. When you're writing blogs, coming up w/ ideas for blogs, or just doodling on paper - you are thinking about your business. You are brainstorming. You are creating strategies. You are planning. You are making executive decisions. And in this crazy world, it's really hard for so many entrepreneurs to find the time to focus on their business strategy in this way. So take your blog time as a way of doing that - focusing on your business and where you want to go with it. Creating a roadmap for yourself and using your blogs as milestones or markers along the way.

If you need help with blogs - whether hiring someone to take that off your hands and write for you, setting up your blog functions on your website and teaching you to use them, or helping you to design a content strategy that will work for your business, contact us here at TFA3000. We want you to be successful in every adventure!